Villa Lin El

Villa Lin El

Villa Lin El is a resort in Calauag, Quezon and known for its countryside mood. The guest rooms are effectively brewing with the warm welcome of Quezon’s hospitality. The moderate complexity of Villa Lin El provides a place for both business and leisure. A balance of the formal and the fun side of things that is. The resort has  a mountainside feel and has a full fledged fish pond that exhilarates the view of the countryside: wonderful sunsets and sunrise, with mother nature at its background pushing your holiday experience.

The Resort has a nice sized swimming pool, excellent rooms and suites and a function hall that is capable of serving intimate events like weddings, baptisms, debuts and reunions. The resort has a good size that can easily serve company outings, seminars and other business events. Ville Lin El also offers catering services with a great cafeteria.

Amenities and Attractions for Villa Lin El

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Villa Lin El has the following attractions:

  • swimming pools
  • airconditioned rooms, rooms and suites
  • cafeteria
  • gardens and walkways
  • parking lots and fish pond
  • nature view
  • grill and bar
  • function hall
  • catering services


Villa Lin El Rates and Fees


  • Rooms and Suites
  • Entrance Fees and  Additional Fees
  • Cateriing fees


Villa Lin El Address and Contact Details

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