Manasa Farm Spring Resort

Manasa Farm Spring Resort

Manasa Farm Spring Resort is a resort in Lucban, Quezon. This resort has a good reputation and takes its name from its Barangay. Thsi resort is quite cool and comfy with fresh air and cool waters at their swimming pools. You will certainly feel the presence of mother nature. The big swimming and the wide greenery is always a treat for holiday  makers in and out of quezon.

The farm and resort has a big area: You can walk around the ‘country side feel’ resort with its facilities and farm fixtures that you can;t see in the city. The tree house and the walkways give you the urban hospitality feel while the cafeteria keeps you refreshed.

The entrance is relatively affordable at 50 pesos, of course this is always subject to change, but this should be cheap enough for any family to enjoy. The parking offers a lot of space so large crowds are always welcomed. The resort is popular among locals and has always had a positive review from its visitors.



For Inquiry/Reservation please text or call 09198620192

Amenities and Attractions for Manasa Farm Spring Resort

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Manasa Farm Spring Resort has the following attractions:

  • swimming pools and fish ponds
  • Natural springs
  • airconditioned rooms
  • gardens and parking lot
  • canteen, cafeteria and grill
  • bar
  • tree houses and cottages
  • greenery and walkways
  • natural gardens


Manasa Farm Spring Resort Rates and Fees


  • Room rates may be inquired
  • Entrance Fees are at 50 pesos only
  • Additional Fees may be charged


Manasa Farm Spring Resort Address and Contact Details

Barangay Manasa, Lucban, Quezon 4328


CellPhone Number: 0919 862 0192,


ADditional COntact Information:

Resort AddressAddress: Barangay Manasa, Lucban, Quezon , Philippines
Telephone: (632) 662-1111 ( Alternative Phone Number)

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