Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort

Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort

Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort is a resort in Candelaria, Quezon. This resort is known to be a top pick of intimate and special events like christening, birthday parties, debuts and of course, weddings. Their large function hall can be very flexible- the staff are known to give the celebrators and guests what they need. Themes are very much welcomed and special assistance is delivered. This is what makes the resort a special place. Be it a green nature inspired party, to the romantic all white weddings – they will provide.


The resort is also known to be a business venue. You can conclude meetings, general assemblies and seminars. The staff and management are very much aware of what it takes to provide for such events. The hotel and resort is also open for day trippers who want a quick holiday.


Amenities and Attractions for Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort has the following attractions:

  • swimming pools
  • airconditioned rooms
  • function hall
  • hotel
  • gardens
  • parking lot
  • canteen
  • cafeteria
  • grill
  • bar
  • good food


Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort Rates and Fees

It is always best for you to contact the hotel and resort management to get an accurate listing of costs and fees. Feel free to contact them through their numbers.


  • Rooms
  • Entrance Fees
  • Additional Fees


Casa Patricia Hotel & Resort Address and Contact Details


Business Address: Salazar Street corner Alday Streets, Candelaria, Quezon Province
Telephone Numbers: Tel 63 42 585 4628,  Tel 63 42 585 4323
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