Mainit Hot Spring

Mainit Hot Spring

Mainit Hot Spring is a resort in Tayabas,  Quezon.  The resort is inside of Barangay Silangang Palale en route to Mauban. This resort invites you to join and take a dip in the natural hot spring of Tayabas Quezon. Aside from the Natural Hot Spring and Bath, they also offer swimming pools with roof so you also get to enjoy while escaping the hard hot sun.

The main attraction of course is the natural hot spring. The hot spring comes from a natural source from the mountain and it is distributed to the swimming pools. You also get to enjoy the benefits of natural hot springs – It is said that it invigorates the body keeping it fit and sound. The revitalizing properties of the hot spring has been known to alleviate common body pains, fever, cough and FLU. The steam bath house is also one thing to consider. This natural sauna also offers further benefits at it acts as a natural detox for you. Remember to always rehydrate before and after you go in the steam bath.

There are also other attractions for kids like animal sculptures, and trails. They do not have overnight accommodation though and only offers day tours.


Amenities and Attractions for Mainit Hot Spring

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Mainit Hot Spring has the following attractions:

  • Natural Hot Spring swimming pools
  • sculptures
  • gardens
  • parking lot
  • canteen
  • cafeteria
  • grill
  • bar
  • slides
  • bamboo rafts


Mainit Hot Spring Rates and Fees


  • Overnight rooms are not available
  • Entrance Fees are collected at Php 90.00
  • Additional Fees may be collected


Mainit Hot Spring Address and Contact Details


Barangay Silangang Palale

Tayabas, Quezon
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