May-It Spring Swimming Pool

May-It Spring Swimming Pool

May-It Spring Swimming Pool is a resort in Lucban, Quezon. The main attraction is the botanical garden with a kiddie pool and a regular pool. There are available cottages for different sized groups. The parking lot is spacious and can accommodate the estimated amount of guests. The spring water running through the swimming pool especially gives a relaxing feel – cold and sparkling.


The resort’s name is taken from the barangay of Lucban where it is situated. The place is quite solitary and gives the impression of being a solitary resort. This type of resort is always quite a place to spend special occasions with family and friends. With the size of the resort, you can always try to take it and rent it for the whole weekends. The rates are quite cheap and reasonable.


Amenities and Attractions for May-It Spring Swimming Pool

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Resortl has the following attractions:

  • swimming pools
  • airconditioned rooms
  • botanical garden and greenery
  • spacious parking lot
  • canteen / cafeteria
  • grill and bar
  • fresh air and good vibes


May-It Spring Swimming Pool Rates and Fees

It is always best to contact the resort administrator to get an accurate listing of the rates and charges of the resort.

  • Rooms
  • Entrance Fees
  • Additional Fees


May-It Spring Swimming Pool Address and Contact Details

Email :

Sitio Spring, Barangay May-it, Lucban, Philippines
Telephone number: 0928 554 3192

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