Villa Elma Farm & Resort

Villa Elma Farm & Resort

Villa Elma Farm & Resort is a private resort in Quezon. You need to make special arrangements to be able to visit this place. The place is known to be a fixture in the top rated resorts in Quezon – with beautifully tended amenities. The most popular spectacle is the ravine and cliff as to which the main building is built around.

Other attractions include a farm for fighting cocks, vintage cars, hanging bridges and the majestic view of mother nature.


Amenities and Attractions for Villa Elma Farm & Resort

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Villa Elma Farm & Resort has the following attractions:

  • swimming pool
  • ravine and cliff inspired architecture
  • vintage cars ( this is from the private collection)
  • gardens  and nature trees
  • nature abundant place
  • hanging bridge ( this is quite a site to see)
  • natural greenery
  • swimming pools
  • added attractions
  • Fighting Cock farm
  • wide area, not crowded ( this is a private resort )


Villa Elma Farm & Resort Rates and Fees

Please be informed that this is a private resort and you need special arrangements to be able to spend time in the resort.

  • Rooms
  • Entrance Fees
  • Additional Fees


Villa Elma Farm & Resort Address and Contact Details

You need special connections to be able to enter the premises since this is a private resort.

If you own Villa Elma Farm & Resort , please add in details in the comment section. You can also contact Quezon Resorts and Hotels to include the details in the post. Please contact our website should have any more added to this post.

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