Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort

Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort

Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort is a resort in Dolores, Quezon, about a 2 hour drive from Manila. Bongkong Kahoy , translates to wooden bench, and is placed in the cradle of the 2 great mountains of Quezon: Banahaw and Cristobal. adventure is always the name of the game for this resort – plus add the comfort that they will provide. With the natural ambiance of the 2 mountains, the forest and the countryside will surely leave a fruitful taste for your holiday. This resort is also packed with a lot of activities to do from hiking to horse back riding and bird watching.


This resort has a vast area and is very suitable for visitors in batches. Besides the great huts and pavilions for your lodging, they also offer a great camping area – great for experiencing the outdoors. Experiencing the wonderful natural paradise of Quezon is always best enjoyed with a good night’s sleep – in this resort, whether you choose to camp out or spend the night at the wonderful pavilion, it will always give you the best country side, nature living experience.


The vast landscape, the tall mossy trees, the sound of birds in the background spells a great holiday for every one. One could really call it, the great escape!


Amenities and Attractions for Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort

Each resort in Quezon has its own unique brand, something they hold special and important for your holiday. The Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort has the following attractions:

  • swimming pools
  • airconditioned rooms and guest houses
  • gardens, huts and pavilions
  • parking lot
  • canteen and cafeteria
  • grill and bar
  • adventure trails
  • serene mountain side location
  • organic and fresh meals
  • Bird Watching
  • Live Band
  • Camping Grounds
  • Sports
  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Horse back riding


Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort Rates and Fees


  • For Room rates, Entrance Fees, and Additional Fees: Please contact the resort for accurate figures.


Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours & Resort Address and Contact Details

Phone:  (+63) 918 509 3224
Website: ( Official Website ) ,

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